Professional Staffing

If you are looking to hire an entry-level or junior health and safety professional, QEOSH Staffing & Recruitment Inc. provides a unique staffing proposition that will save your organization time and money by giving you a unique position to hire a full-time health & safety professional without paying us a recruitment/ direct hire fee.

In 2019, QEOSH Staffing and Recruitment joined the Association of Canadian safety professionals through a joint partnership to work closely to mentor and support health & safety recent graduates and internationally trained newcomer health and safety professionals to help them build their profession on a strong foundation.

QEOSH unique staffing solution gives your organization a “Test and Hire” trial period for an agreed-upon term for up to six months; this gives you a unique position to evaluate the performance of the health & safety professional, before making a hiring decision.

Minimize your hiring risk and save your business time and money.

Within the trial period, the health and safety professional is hired or contracted out by QEOSH, after going through an in-depth and customized hiring process.  As the direct employer, QEOSH will take care of all related employee payroll, benefits, worker compensation (WSIB),  claims and the health and safety professional will be joining your team full time.

The placed health and safety professional will be under your sector-specific professional mentorship, supported and funded by the Association of Canadian Safety Professionals while working for your organization. The mentorship brings extra expertise to your team from a health and safety executive level.

If you're satisfied and ready to hire in 6 months, there is no cost of direct hire/placement fee and it will be as simple as making an employment offer.


Our clients may require temporary/contract EHS professional staff for a variety of reasons, including:

  • To support or manage a new construction project.
  • Registered for COR or other International Standard Certification and need support
  • Choosing to outsource their EHS professionals on a long term contract base instead of hire.
  • Want a “trial period” before hiring their EHS professional

Let QEOSH be your partner in quality & prevention, as you drive your business or project forward.

The Benefits of EHS Professional Staffing with QEOSH

Short term contract or contract-to-hire occupational health and safety professionals staffing with QEOSH have immense benefits for your organization.

Saves You Time & Money

OHS professional staffing with QEOSH is cost-effective, where it saves you time and money in all aspects of the recruitment and hiring process.

  • You save time and money on administrative expenses associated with in-house recruiting and employment screening.
  • You save time and money on all payroll costs; we take care of all employee benefits, worker compensation, and possible claims.
  • You pay no recruitment fee if you choose to hire after 6 months.

Accuracy, Quality & Professional Due Diligence

The top selected candidates referred to you have gone through a comprehensive screening process including, reference, and background checks, educational, qualification, and credential validation, and in-depth interviews with your sector-specific executive health and safety professionals.


Outsourcing your health and safety professional with QEOSH gives your organization a piece of mind to drive your business or project forward while leaving your health and safety compliance to industry experts.


Professional Staffing Solutions

  • Contract/Temporary Staffing

    With a large network of dedicated and qualified environmental and occupational health & safety professionals, QEOSH offers contract/temporary staffing. This gives your business a flexible environmental occupational health and safety staffing solution to support your project needs.

  • Contract-to-Hire

    Our contract-to-hire environmental occupational health and safety professional staffing solution gives you a unique position to evaluate the performance of the EHS professional on your site for an agreed-upon term, before making a hiring decision.  This minimizes your hiring risk and saves your business time and money.


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