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Outsource your Human Resources solutions with QEOSH and save money, time and extra efforts of your in-house personnel.

With a team of highly experienced human resources senior consultants, QEOSH offers a full range of cost effective services for HR outsourcing.

The HR outsourcing service from QEOSH gives you the confidence and peace of mind to delegate your employee management tasks and legislative compliance to QEOSH, while enabling you to focus on other aspects of your business. 

What we do and how we do it define what QEOSH stands for.

  • HR outsourcing for small businesses

    If your organisation has ten employees or fewer, QEOSH gives you an invaluable opportunity to have a dedicated HR department without the spiralling expense of recruiting one in-house.

    Instead, for a fixed investment with no hidden surprises—guaranteed—QEOSH acts as your dedicated HR department, offering advice and support tailored to your specific small business needs.

  • HR outsourcing for larger businesses

    For many medium-to-large businesses, HR management is so vast and complex that their internal HR employees struggle to deal with it all. That’s why smarter employers come to QEOSH for help.

    If you have a larger business, you can integrate QEOSH into your existing HR team and use our HR outsourcing service as a support function to help keep you safe and compliant with all legislation.

    Whatever your industry, here is just few of our HR support you can enjoy.

HR outsourcing support
  • Contracts & Documentation: Though QEOSH has HR expertise, we still get to know your business and the way it works. That way, we can provide you with letters, documentation, and policies, tailored to your precise business need—the basis for any strong employment policy.
  • Unlimited 24-hour advice line: Any time you have an HR issue—even the most routine—our qualified advisors are ready to take your call. So if you have a minimum wage or sick pay question call our free advice line to get instant answers.
Why Choose QEOSH?
  • Our HR outsourcing services are highly customized based on the needs of our clients; our team becomes an extension of your team. 
  • QEOSH ensures compliance with both federal and provincial legislation and employment laws.
  • Our cost-effective HR solutions help save on valuable resources, such as time and money, while also meeting your needs, timeframes, and quality expectations. 
  • Enables our clients to build a competitive edge by investing in their employees.

What we do and how we do it define what QEOSH HR solutions stand for.

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