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QEOSH offers high-quality direct hire recruitment ( pay for results) flat fee.

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HSE professional recruitment with QEOSH is about trust, credibility, and industry expertise. We are transparent in all aspects of our recruitment process, including our fees.

Our business’s foundation is to create value and drive results; therefore, in 2021, QEOSH Staffing and Recruitment Inc. is taking an innovative approach with our new recruitment fee model.

Our new innovative approach is pay-for-results aka flat contingency flat fee, in line with our current contingency model ( pay for results). It is a guaranteed high-quality HSE talent search, acquisition, and recruitment, just at the right price.

QEOSH is the right professional staffing and recruitment firm that understands the needs of each sector, the competency and qualification of environmental health & safety professionals.

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Here is our new recruitment model:

Recruitment Flat Fee Contingency Model

Entry-Level roles- $4500

Officer/Specialist roles- $6500  

Management level roles- $7500

Executive level roles- $ 10500    

Recruitment Percentage Fee Contingency Model

Entry-level roles- $6000 (12% of salary at 50K)

 Officer/Specialist roles- $10.500(15% of salary at 70K)

  Management level roles-$18,000 (20% of salary at 90K)

Executive level roles- $26,000 (20% of Salary at 130K)

With our new innovative recruitment success flat fee model, you can expect:

High Commitment

Your designated recruitment consultant is exclusively focused on your project.

Open & Transparent Communication

With our modern, forward-thinking recruitment model, your designated recruitment consultant will build a more personal committed relationship with you that supports a high-quality-focused approach with open and transparent communication.


We’re HSE industry experts and with our massive professional network connections, you are guaranteed top, screened, and selected candidates that neither your internal recruitment team nor any other recruitment firm can deliver the same results.

We’re so confident that we offer one complimentary HSE replacement within four months from the date of hire at no additional cost.

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