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QEOSH is an EHS Recruitment Agency in Canada with over a decade of EHS talent search and    recruitment experience. We partner with our hiring clients in all sizes and sectors in Ontario, BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec, and all other Canadian provinces.

Our EHS recruitment and talent acquisition team is an experienced blend of environmental, health & safety professionals and human resources professional specialized in recruitment and talent acquisition.

We have access to one of the largest candidate search and recruitment platforms and one of the leading professional networks in environmental, health and safety all across Canada.

In every province, we work with EHS enforcing government authorities and we are partners and associate members of many environmental, health & safety associations in different sectors. 

QEOSH is a national EHS Recruitment firm in Canada with a local presence and knowledge.

Our EHS recruitment & talent acquisition team offers a strategic approach that includes
customized candidate search and attraction that meets your ideal qualifications criteria
for your operating sector.

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Health, Safety & Environmental Manager

Location: Granby, Quebec
Job: Full-Time Permanent
Posting Date: Aug 10, 2023
Status: Open

Position Reference #: 72362

Health, Safety & Compliance Specialist

Location: Edmonton, Alberta
Job: Full-Time/ Short-Term Contract
Posting Date: Sep 12, 2023
Status: Open

Position Reference #: 92362

EHS Field Advisor

Location: GTA Ontario & Edmonton, Alberta
Job: Full-Time Permanent
Posting Date: Sep 11, 2023
Status: Open for two vacancies (Ontario & Alberta)

Position Reference #: 92364 & 92368

Environmental, Health, Safety (EHS) Senior Advisor

Location: Burlington, Ontario
Job: Full-Time Permanent
Posting Date: Sep 11, 2023
Status: Open

Position Reference #: 92364


What Our Clients Say About Us


After an unsuccessful internal recruitment effort, we partnered with QEOSH to fill a permanent Health & Safety vacancy, which was successfully filled quickly. The QEOSH team demonstrated strong client service orientation, delivered exceptional service, and exceeded our expectations. We appreciated the QEOSH team’s open, transparent, and timely communication throughout the recruitment cycle, including the presentation of high caliber candidates that met our vacancy requirements. We look forward to working with QEOSH for future recruitment support.

(HR Manager, Torcon Ltd)

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