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Graduate Recruitment

With QEOSH, hire an entry-level HSE professional with no recruitment fee after 14 weeks of “temporary to direct hire” trial.

Minimize your hiring risk and save your business time and money

Are you looking to hire an entry-level HSE recent graduate?
The right talent mix is essential for any high–performing team and a very smart investment.

QEOSH Staffing & Recruitment Inc. provides employers a unique temporary- to-direct hire program for recruiting recent graduate or entry-level health and safety professionals.

If considering hiring an entry-level junior health and safety professional, we offer 14 weeks of “Test & Hire.” You will have an empowering position to evaluate the candidate’s performance before making hiring decisions.

If you choose to proceed with the direct hire at the end of 14 weeks, there will be no recruitment fee and will be as simple as making an employment offer.

Minimize your hiring risk and save your business time and money

With Partnering with QEOSH Staffing & Recruitment on temporary to direct hire, you can expect:

Reliable partnership

We hire the candidate, and in collaboration, we take responsibility for the on-boarding safety orientation, legislative safety training, and mentorship.

Cost-effective and transparent fee model

You save time and money on administrative expenses associated with in-house recruiting and employment screening.

You save time and resources on all payroll process; we take care of all employee benefits, worker compensation, and possible claims.

( Temp-to hire billing rate includes all statutory Government remittances)

There is no direct hire recruitment fee at the end of the 14 weeks of temp-to-hire contract/trial

Customized Added Value

During the trial, the junior health and safety professional will be under your sector-specific professional mentorship program funded by QEOSH while working full-time for your organization.

We will work closely with HSE recent graduates to help them build their profession on a solid foundation and align with your current scope of focus.

The mentorship brings extra expertise to your team from a health and safety executive level.