Environmental Health & Safety EHS Search & Recruitment in Quebec

EHS Recruitment Agency in Quebec

QEOSH is an EHS recruitment agency in Quebec. We partner with hiring clients in all sectors to support their internal recruitment and talent acquisition team to search for and recruit qualified health and safety professionals.

We have access to one of the largest health safety and environmental candidate search and recruitment platforms and EHS professional connections in Quebec.

As an environmental and occupational health & safety industry expert and exclusive EHS recruitment agency in Quebec, QEOSH is a supporting partner and a member of The Canada Safety Council in Quebec.


EHS Recruitment Agency in Quebec

Experienced Bilingual EHS Recruiters in Quebec

Our experienced bilingual EHS Recruiters in Quebec speak English and French to accommodate all hiring clients and candidates from all sectors.

We assign a designated EHS talent acquisition and recruitment consultant, experienced in the operating sector of the hiring client to partner with and support their internal recruitment team.

The EHS-designated recruitment team first dedicates time to learning more about the hiring company’s nature of the operation, the health and safety role and the qualifications in mind, and their total reward structure.

Through a customized candidate search and approach, targeting the sector(s), the hiring client would like to attract EHS candidates from, our EHS recruitment team initiates the screening, interviewing, and assessing process and presents the top selected candidates to the hiring managers for further review.


Experienced Bilingual EHS Recruiters in Quebec

How in demand is EHS Recruitment in Quebec

How in demand is EHS recruitment in Quebec, the largest province of Canada is reflected especially after the new regulation known as Bill 59. Under the Act respecting occupational health and safety (AOHS) and the Act respecting industrial accidents and occupational diseases (AIAOD)

as well as other regulations, businesses in all operating sectors have legal obligations to properly inform, instruct and supervise their employees and to do everything they reasonably can to protect them.

This is a clear portrayal of the demands of EHS recruitment in Quebec, in particular within the context of their legislative obligations.


There are many different sectors operating in Quebec that demands the dedication and expertise of occupational health and safety professionals in:

– Manufacturing                                  – Oil & gas   

– Hydroelectricity                               – Aerospace

– Forestry                                              – Healthcare

– Transportation                                 – Higher education

– Construction                                      – Agriculture

– Mining                                                 – Information and communication Technology

– Government 

QEOSH is an experienced EHS recruitment agency in Quebec that has the knowledge and experience in the professional field of environmental and occupational health and safety in the province of Quebec and also understands the qualifications of EHS professionals required for different sectors.

The challenge in EHS Recruiting in Quebec

The challenge in EHS Recruiting in Quebec, for many businesses whether they have an internal recruitment or talent acquisition team or not, is in the attraction of qualified occupational health and safety professionals that have the experience and the knowledge of the sector the hiring client operates in.

Our EHS recruiting strategic approach resolves the challenge. We have access to all health and safety professionals working in Quebec; therefore, we utilize a customized candidate search through our largest recruitment platforms by targeting the sector(s) the hiring client would like to attract candidates from.

We also work with our safety partner associations in Quebec as another channel to attract qualified health and safety professionals.

The challenge in EHS Recruiting in Quebec