EHS Search & Recruitment in Manitoba

Manitoba’s Exclusive EHS Recruitment Agency

QEOSH Staffing & Recruitment is an exclusive EHS search & recruitment agency in Manitoba. We have access to one of the largest environmental, health, and safety (EHS) candidate search & recruitment platforms and EHS professional network connections in Manitoba.

As EHS Recruitment Agency in Manitoba, we work with the major industries in Manitoba including manufacturing, construction, transportation and warehousing, agriculture, utilities, professional services and mining to partner with our hiring clients to support them with all environmental health and safety – EHS search and recruitment needs.

In Manitoba, Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) conducts targeted enforcement activities of workplaces in all industries throughout Manitoba in order to ensure high-risk hazards are effectively managed. 

Companies in all sectors need to implement and maintain a functional health and safety program that is in compliance with Manitoba’s Workplace Safety and Health Act and associated regulations to protect the safety and health of their workers. 

Although workplace health and safety is everyone’s responsibility in the workplace, hiring health and safety professional(s) to have an exclusive dedication to health and safety to work with management and workers certainly brings more benefits.

As an exclusive EHS recruitment in Manitoba, QEOSH has a unique position that understands the health and safety needs and challenges for each sector and EHS candidate qualifications suitable for each sector to support our hiring clients with all EHS search and recruitment needs.

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QEOSH Designated EHS Recruiters in Manitoba

Our EHS recruiters initiate every EHS direct hire recruitment support by understanding the hiring client’s nature of operation including their health and safety needs.

Our EHS recruiters run each direct hire campaign utilizing our EHS search and recruitment platform to conduct a client-specific customized candidate search that targets and searches for candidates that already meet the hiring client’s initial technical qualification criteria whether it is the desired years of health and safety experience in a specific sector or educational background and relevant designations in health and safety such as Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) or National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO) designation.

Our EHS recruiters have solid professional experience and educational background in human resources and occupational health and safety. Upon completion of our interviews which consist of soft skills and EHS technical assessments, our EHS recruiters then present the top selected candidates’ profiles to the hiring client for further review.


How different is EHS recruitment in Manitoba?

Manitoba has a developed, diverse and dynamic economy with stable economic growth. Key components of the economy include manufacturing, agriculture, hydroelectricity, and natural resources.

Manitoba’s five largest sub-sectors (in revenues) are food, transportation equipment, machinery, chemicals, and fabricated metals. In addition, aerospace manufacturing is one of the largest in Manitoba.

According to the Government of Canada Job bank market report, published in December 2021, EHS recruitment in Manitoba will be good and in demand for the next 3-5 years.

In Manitoba, QEOSH is a local EHS search and recruitment agency that also utilizes resources provided by the Industry-based safety programs (IBSPs) specific to an industry classification to offer our EHS recruitment support with an in-depth understanding and targeted strategies that are specific to each hiring client. 

The Industry-based safety programs (IBSPs) that we work with are:

  • Construction Safety Association of Manitoba (industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential construction)
  • Made Safe (manufacturing)
  • Manitoba Farm Safety (agriculture)
  • Manitoba Heavy Construction Association (MHCA) WORKSAFELY™ (heavy construction)

EHS Talent Acquisition in Manitoba with QEOSH Staffing & Recruitment

We are EHS industry experts in Manitoba and leaving your EHS recruitment needs in the hand of industry experts offers quality EHS hires. 

Our EHS talent search and recruitment is exclusively customized which leads to faster quality hires. As a designated EHS recruitment partner, we are dedicated to working with our hiring clients’ internal recruitment team to drive value.