EHS Search and Recruitment in British Columbia (BC)

The Exclusive EHS Recruitment Agency in British Columbia

QEOSH Staffing & Recruitment is a registered and licensed environmental, health and safety (EHS) search & recruitment agency in British Columbia (BC). We offer access to one of the largest environmental, health, and safety candidate database and professional network connections in BC.

Our environmental, occupational health, and safety industry knowledge joined with our strategic EHS talent search and recruitment give us a unique position to drive results.

We empower our hiring clients with a customized EHS talent search, attraction, and recruitment support that targets active and passive health and safety professionals in all sectors.

EHS search and recruitment in BC

We provide EHS talent search and EHS recruitment support to hiring clients from all the sectors including, oil & gas, metal, and mining, construction, manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, healthcare, higher education, hospitality, and more.

With our local head office in Vancouver, we partner with and support clients all across British Columbia including Vancouver, Burnaby, Kelowna, Richmond, Surrey, Victoria, Abbotsford, and many more cities.

As a specialized Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) search & recruitment agency, and OHS industry experts, we connect you with the right EHS candidates in your sector based in BC.

Designated EHS Recruiters in BC

Our EHS talent search and EHS recruiters operate in accordance with British Columbia’s Employment Standards Act, Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) industry standards, and ethical business practices.

Partnering with QEOSH gives our hiring clients strategically-driven support; a designated EHS talent search and EHS recruitment consultant would be dedicated to their team to run their campaign.

The designated EHS talent search and EHS recruiters utilize combinations of different strategies to search for and attract environmental health and safety candidates. Our professional network connections and partnership with different environmental and health and safety associations in BC enhance our pool of candidates’ search and selection.


Designated EHS Recruiters in BC

The potential EHS candidates that are approached by our EHS talent search and EHS recruiters already have been screened and verified to meet the expectations of our hiring clients before proceeding with official interviews; therefore we have full control over who we want to attract to any EHS open positions specific to each hiring clients.

In addition, our designated EHS recruiters integrate a combination of personality and leadership assessments followed by environmental, occupational health, and safety qualification and credential evaluation customized to each hiring client’s expectations. Only the top selected EHS candidates are then presented to our hiring clients for further review.

Leave Your EHS Recruitment in the Hands of EHS Industry Experts

What makes EHS recruitment different in British Columbia (BC)?

When searching and recruiting HSE professionals in BC, our credential and technical evaluation process vary slightly from other provinces, particularly concerning evaluating the health and safety candidate’s knowledge of the occupational health & safety Act and Regulations specific to BC.

In British Colombia, the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation requirements are adopted under the authority of the Workers Compensation Act. It sets out the OHS legal requirements in British Columbia that must be met by all workplaces under the inspectional jurisdiction of WorkSafeBC.

British Columbia EHS Recruiter

Employers in BC must comply with the provisions in both the Act and the Regulation. The Workers’ Compensation Board of British Columbia, operating as WorkSafeBC, is a statutory agency that administers the Workers Compensation Act for the British Columbia Ministry of Labour and has the legal authority to set and enforce occupational health and safety act and regulations.

The Occupational Health & Safety Regulation is organized into three requirements: the core requirements, general hazard requirements, and industry and activity-related requirements.

Furthermore, WorkSafeBC issues OHS Guidelines to help with applying and interpreting sections of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation and the OHS provisions of the Workers Compensation Act.

The other area that makes EHS recruitment different in British Columbia compared to a few other provinces is British Columbia’s Employment Standards Act, section 12, the requirement in regards to registration and licensing to operate as an EHS employment agency in BC. QEOSH (HSE) staffing and recruitment Inc. is registered and licensed to partner with hiring clients in BC and provide HSE search and recruitment support.

Operating as an exclusive Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) search and recruitment agency in BC, we must keep a record of:

  • For each employer or hiring client, we provide  EHS  search & recruitment services to
  • Each EHS candidate we direct to an employer/hiring client to be hired
  • For each EHS candidate, we provide employment information to

To learn more about our legislative obligation regarding our record-keeping, please refer to our corporate privacy policy.


EHS Talent Acquisition in BC with QEOSH Staffing & Recruitment

We are more than an EHS recruitment agency; we support our hiring clients as an HSE talent search and recruitment partner. Our designed EHS talent search and EHS recruiter consultants lead you to your desired outcome and take the extra mile to bring value customized with a personal touch.

Leave your HSE Search and Recruitment in the hands of Environmental, Health, and Safety industry experts.

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